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Symptoms of bad throttle body


Normally when the Throttle body is working correctly, it synchronizes with the fuel intake and the accelerator pedal. Press the accelerator and the flow of fuel is increased into the engine and the Throttle body pulls in extra air to burn the extra fuel, allowing your vehicle to perform as it should and run smoothly.

The symptoms are as follows,

1 Lack of Power

When the Throttle body is not working correctly, there is either more or less air entering into the mixture which results in a lack of power and the car is not accelerating as it should. When you press the accelerator, it should ideally allow more air to burn the excess fuel coming in, but if it is malfunctioning there won’t be enough air and because of this, there will be no surge in power.

2 Issues while accelerating

Since there is a lack of power, the acceleration of the car will definitely have issues. The car will either have uneven acceleration or it won’t accelerate after a certain point, and both cause issues not only to the power and mileage but also to the longevity of the engine.

3 Higher or Lower Idling

When the throttle body is not operating effectively, one of the tell-tale signs is poor or low idling. This includes the engine stalling after coming to a stop, a very low idle after starting, or stalling when the accelerator pedal is pressed down rapidly. The Dirt collected causes airflow into the system to be turbulent and leads to a fluctuating idle speed.

4 Dirt or Grime Build-up

One of the main issues why the throttle body will get clogged is due to the accumulation of dirt and grime within the part, which is also known as coking. This creates a rough surface, that disturbs the air-fuel flow and diminishes the effectiveness of your engine. Carbon deposits cause a similar problem by generating an uneven surface inside the part.

5 Poor Mileage

The fuel economy of a car will get severely impacted by a choking throttle body. The ideal way of measuring the mileage is the full tank-to-full tank method. You first put a full tank of fuel, make a note of the odometer readings or set one of the trip meters to zero and then travel a few hundred kilometres. Fill the tank again and make a note of the total amount of fuel consumed. The distance divided by the amount of fuel consumed will give you a clear idea of your car’s mileage. If there is a variation of more than 15%, then there is a high chance that the throttle body has issues.

6 Electrical Problems

With cars becoming more dependant on sensors and electronics these days, electronic wiring acts as a nervous system. If the throttle body’s electronic sensor is covered in dirt, this will result in unnecessary corrections to the air-fuel mixture. This could put the car into a secondary power reduced mode until it gets seen by a service mechanic. For some cars which do not have this mode, there are methods like reducing power, limiting the engine rpm, etc.

 7 Check Engine Light

If there is an issue with the throttle body’s performance, it will alert the electronic throttle control. This in turn illuminates the check engine light. Now there are numerous reasons why this warning lights up and a failing throttle body is only one among them. Hence it would be better if you do some manual check to see if there is dirt building up around the part.

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